Radiant cut Engagement Rings & Rings

radiant cut engagement rings


In each wedding collection, the central stones of the engagement rings are noticeably distinguished by their brilliance. The best example of this is a radiant diamond engagement ring. Buying such jewellery will help to focus on the main value of your gift – a symbol of deep feelings, a story of your love, loyalty to your chosen one.


Traditionally, to propose marriage, jewellery with one or several stones is chosen. The ring can be made of noble metal – gold or platinum and decorated with a precious stone. It is recommended to choose an engagement ring, which will successfully combine with a wedding ring – metals and stones should be in harmony. A radiant diamond engagement ring will do just fine with this task.

According to its name, the radiant cut ring with diamond captures a large number of light rays. The shape imitates an emerald stone, but at the same time, the edges allow the gemstone to achieve maximum brilliance. Brides who do not want to move too much away from the classical forms, but want to emphasise their individuality, appreciate the radiant diamond engagement rings for their long relevance.

Ring Customizable into radiant cut engagement rings

Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings Are Perfect For Those Loving The Diamond Sparkle

This modern style of diamond shape, obtained through radiant cutting, was developed by Henry Grossbard in the late 70’s of the last century. He created a cutting technique that combines the best elements of the classic round and emerald diamond shapes, allowing shining gems to show incredible brilliance and fire of the radiant diamond engagement ring.

The ratio for the cut diamonds depends on your personal wishes. For a traditional diamond with a radiant cut, this ratio of a rectangular shape is from 1.05 to 1.50, and for a square diamond, it is between 1.00-1.05.

It is believed that a radiant diamond engagement ring is best suited to a sociable and strong-willed person with the makings of a leader.

Choosing a Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring Is a Good Way To Showcase Your Feelings

Diamonds are not just stones of rare beauty, they also symbolise love. From such a gift, a beautiful lady will be delighted and will appreciate the seriousness of your intentions. A radiant diamond engagement ring is the most perfect gift for your girlfriend, and it will always look stylish.

Since white gold and platinum are still popular in the new season, these metals look very harmonious with radiant diamond engagement rings. Our jewellers actively use this property, experiment and create spectacular models. Yellow gold also regains its position, this metal is used to create such modern models as well.

The brilliance of a radiant diamond engagement ring will be very similar to the light emitted from the smile of your bride!