Pendants are one of the most popular categories in the assortment of our jewellery store – universal jewellery, suitable for people of any gender, age and marital status. A product of this category is a wonderful gift for significant events in life. Pendants often act as a symbol of love.


This jewellery is very popular among women, men and even children, so designers offer different variations of pendants for all occasions. In order for the jewellery to not only adorn its owner but also be a self-expression of a person, his stylish accessory, it is important to consider several rules when choosing a product.

A pendent is a piece of jewellery that is hung on something. This is often a chain, sometimes a bracelet. Pendants are jewellery that adds piquancy and elegance to the look of every woman. They reflect her sensual nature, passion, and attract male looks to the neckline.

A pendant can tell a lot about its owner:

  1. Products in the form of zodiac signs will tell who she is by horoscope
  2. Jewellery in the shape of a heart emphasises the character ardour and passion
  3. Letter pendents will be an easy hint to the name of a mysterious stranger

Often, such jewellery comes with earrings and a ring. Three jewellery made in one style will emphasise your impeccable taste and sense of style. A well-chosen outfit for the event will make the most attractive lady of the evening.

Models in a single execution look elegant too: all eyes are fixed only on you, and the decoration emphasises femininity and natural beauty. Despite the fact that pendants are often ordered exclusively for neck chains, this jewel is more versatile. It can even be hung on other jewellery or accessories:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Flirty Handbag

Our online store contains the best models, from classic to modern. You can buy any jewellery either online or by contacting our manager in a convenient way for you.

Pendents: What To Consider At The Choice

Since such jewellery is immediately evident, it is recommended to choose pendants carefully and accurately. There are several simple and at the same time important rules, following which you will undoubtedly choose the perfect jewellery for yourself or a gift to a person close to you.

The first thing you need to know when choosing a suspension is which one it should be, which is influenced by three indicators:

  • Metal
  • Insert
  • Product Shape

Any jewellery presented in our store is made of precious metals: gold or platinum. Metal pendents are chosen solely according to the aesthetic and personal preferences and tastes of the one who will wear the product.

The colour of the gold pendants depends on the alloy that jewellers use to make it:

  1. Rose is the classic colour of gold from which most jewellery pendents are made in this style.
  2. The white colour of the metal symbolises elegance and sophistication, as well as following fashion trends, such pendents look beautiful with precious or semiprecious stones
  3. Yellow is a bold colour for bright and extraordinary personalities, which is combined with minerals of bright and saturated colours or with decorative inserts of the same colour.

As for the jewellery insert, in the pendent, there can be not only one stone, but also inlaid. Jewellery insert is determined by the type and shape of the product. If this is a letter, then small diamonds or cubic zirconia will be inlaid, which are located in bulk over the entire area of the jewellery. A similar insert is also characteristic of products having a symbolic shape, for example:

  • Angel
  • Butterflies
  • Symbol of infinity

Beautiful pendents are also made with classic stone cuts:

  • Cushion
  • Circle or oval
  • Heart
  • Marquise or Pear

A circle and an oval are perfectly combined with all jewellery stones, and some cuts, for example, a cushion or marquise, will be best revealed by sapphire, diamond and topaz. Emerald and amethyst look best in the cut cushion. Ruby, aquamarine and citrine look great, crafted with marquise technology.

What Shape Pendents to Choose

This is a unique piece of jewellery, the shape of which is limited only by the imagination of the jewellery master. In our store, there is a large selection of fancy and classic forms of pendants. In addition, you can order a pendant with a unique design that will emphasise your personality and originality. You can choose a form based on various criteria, for example, a reason for a gift to your loved ones. For the birth of a child, you can give a pendant with a picture of a mother with a baby or a child’s hand, which will become a memorable symbol for a young mother. In order to once again tell your beloved about how you love her, you can choose a heart, a symbol of infinity or even the inscription “love”. Thus, the shape of the product is an individual and subjective choice.