Morganite Ring & Earring

Morganite Ring


This gently pink colour jewellery conquers more and more female hearts every year. Morganite ring is a great gift for a loved one and just a beautiful accessory for everyday life.


Jewellery with morganites is a rarity because this pink stone has become known to the general public relatively recently. Modern jewellery focuses on factors that are especially popular in other fashionable areas:

  1. Femininity
  2. Delicate soft shapes
  3. Pastel colours

Therefore, morganite rings fit perfectly into female images.

This is a great option for an image in the French style, combining beauty, simplicity, good taste and love of life. Light pink, cold morganites often set in white gold, this combination of colours of metal and stone is very advantageous.

Jewellery designers often use natural morganites to create rings, earrings and pendants with natural motifs: flowers, leaves, birds. Large morganites are great for designer cocktail rings. This is a real find for those who want to make a gorgeous gift to their beloved. The faceted peachy pink morganites are perfectly shaded by rose and white gold.

Engagement Ring customizable with Morganite

Show Your Style With Morganite Engagement Ring

Recently, alternative stones have been chosen for making engagement rings. Pink beryl is especially popular: having high hardness, like all beryls, with purity and delicate colour laid by nature, the morganite engagement ring will say your feelings better than any words.

Pleasant rare morganites in exclusive jewellery are more relevant today than ever. You can find morganite stones for jewellery made of precious metals in the catalogue of our online store.

Choose the type of cut and the style of the morganite engagement ring, and our jewellers will help to translate your jewellery desires into reality.

Characteristics and Magical Properties of Morganite Ring

Morganite is one of the rarest varieties of beryl and belongs to the fourth-order gemstones. A characteristic feature of this stone is a pinkish colour in the faces due to the presence of manganese in the mineral. There are stones from pink to purple. Morganite without inclusions lends itself well to faceting, so they like to use it in the jewellery industry creating luxurious models of morganite rings, which are in demand all over the world.

Almost immediately after morganite was discovered, lithotherapists drew attention to its amazing properties. The stone has a beneficial effect on its owner. Such jewellery is recommended to be worn by people who regularly endure mental and physical stress. The stone will bring optimism, calmness to a person, help to escape from unpleasant thoughts. Morganite rings are especially useful for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.