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Citrine Rings


Yellow quartz or citrines have been very popular at all times because their elegant amber-honey palette favourably emphasized the noble yellowness of gold. Citrine ring in our online store is a great addition to a romantic marriage proposal.


A symbol of joy and good mood, which calms and charges with positive emotions, a citrine ring, is the best gift for a young girl or a chic lady. This stone got its name thanks to the lemon colour. Citrus means Lemon-Yellow. So the yellow variety of quartz began to be called since 1747. However, this semiprecious mineral was known in the Middle Ages.

Since ancient times, citrine has been used in jewellery, including decorating the crowns of rulers. The stone is transparent, it is easy to process, but it is quite rare.

Citrine is considered a 4th-grade gem. Natural citrines, as a rule, have a pale yellow colour. Its saturation depends on iron impurities. Heat-treated amethysts and smoky quartz turn into citrines of different colours:

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Wine
  • Honey
  • Golden
  • Amber
  • Tan

When annealing smoky quartz, bright yellow stones are obtained, when processing amethysts, they are orange-brown. Citrines of beautiful sunny orange saturated colour are called “Madera Citrine” because of the similarity in colour with the famous wine.

Engagement Ring customizable with Citrine

Want To Be Different – Present To Your Beloved Citrine Engagement Ring

Citrine jewellery is a mix of grace and beauty. Perfectly faceted crystals look especially amazing in gold. Their sparkle is reflected on a perfectly polished metal surface, visually increasing the optical effect. Therefore, citrine engagement rings are becoming more and more popular every year.

If you decide to buy a gift for your girlfriend, a citrine ring will tell her about the depth of your feelings. Earrings and a necklace will be a great addition to the citrine engagement ring. Jewellery with citrines in terms of aesthetic characteristics do not inferior to topazes.

Healing and Magical Properties of Citrine Rings

People knew about the healing properties of citrine since ancient times. The ancient Indians used this mineral especially widely – they were cured of all sorts of ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract. Citrine rings also treated poor eyesight, liver, spleen, and respiratory system. Citrine is a powerful energy purifier and re-generator that normalises the work of the chakras. Meditation with citrine fills the body with light and pure energy.

Lithotherapists recommend wearing citrines to improve brain function, as well as the prevention of endocrine diseases. The constant wearing of citrine helps to normalise the body’s metabolic processes, fills it with vitality, and also activates the processes of purification and rejuvenation.