Bracelets never lose their relevance. They emphasise the style, elegantly complete the image, and they just look very elegant. Traditionally, there are many pretty bracelets in our catalogue. Fashionable women liked this jewellery for its simple and elegant design that fits any outfit and focuses on the beauty of the wrists. Expressive and enchanting, they have become an icon of style, and we will help you choose exactly your model.


It is difficult to overestimate how precious metal bracelets emphasize the beauty of a woman’s wrist. Ladies of all ages love to wear bracelets. They cheer up and are a great addition to earrings or pendant.

With a variety of designs, the most popular are the following types of bracelets:

  • openwork chains
  • hard ring bracelets
  • fine jewellery with gemstone inlays
  • gold threads
  • soft bracelets

Our store has an excellent collection of bracelets, some of them can be worn every day, and more chic jewellery is perfect for a party, romantic dinner or celebration.

How To Choose The Right Bracelet For Women

When choosing jewellery on her hand, a woman, first of all, pays attention to the appearance of the product, metal, inlay, but very often forgets to look at the clasp. And this is one of the most important details of any jewel. Already during use, it may turn out that the locking mechanism is not convenient. The clasp should not only securely fix the bracelet but also fit into the design and not cause discomfort. In our store, there are bracelets for women with reliable and convenient clasps that will fulfil their main function without distracting or disturbing you.

Which mechanism will be most convenient for you is up to you. The most common types:

  1. Spring is a round thin lock with a fastener on a spring. Small but durable. It is placed on thin products since it can not withstand heavyweight.
  2. The carabiner is an eyelet with a bracket, which is fixed by a spring. Durable, even placed on heavy jewellery. It is considered the most popular type of mount and is easy to repair.
  3. The box consists of two parts. A latch is inserted into the box with the hole – a folded bar with notches. Such a mechanism is used on large and heavy bracelets in which the castle should not be visible.
  4. Hinged is a movable lock with a locking pin. Used on a glider and solid bracelets.
  5. The buckle is a folding mechanism on a hinge with a clasp. It is put on link products. It is very light and comfortable but can be unfastened by accident.
  6. Toggle (T-lock) is a round link into which an elongated longitudinal bar is inserted. Simple, convenient, reliable. Most often placed on the link, vintage and ethnic jewellery.
  7. The screw is a lock of two halves with threads that are screwed into each other. This is a very neat and almost imperceptible type of fastening, but it is difficult to independently fix the product with such a lock on your hand.
  8. Hook with eyelet you can see extremely rare. The design is simple but very reliable.

In addition to the clasp, it is important to pay attention to weaving a gold chain bracelet on your hand if it is supposed to be worn with a pendant. To make the headset look beautiful and sophisticated, it is better to choose the same or very similar type of knitting. A gold or platinum bracelet with precious stones around the circumference, pattern or other decor is best combined only with rings.

The younger and slimmer the girl, the finer and lighter the decoration should be. The same is true in the opposite direction.

Otherwise, there are no selection restrictions. The main thing is that jewellery should be liked so much that you want to wear it for many years.

The Beautiful Diamond Bracelet Will Complement Your Perfect Look

All women like exquisite jewellery. A diamond Bracelet is luxurious jewellery that emphasizes the refined taste of its owner. A correctly selected bracelet will decorate your wrist and attract enthusiastic looks to it. The catalogue of our online store presents a large selection of diamond bracelets with at competitive prices. Experienced store consultants will help you navigate this variety, determine the right bracelet size and place an order. Diamond bracelets are ideal for evening outfits, especially when combined with other diamond jewellery.


Sapphires look equally good in a frame of yellow and white metals. Often sapphire bracelets are complemented by diamonds: the shine of these stones favourably emphasizes the deep blue colour of sapphire. Another popular combination is sapphires and topazes of close, but not matching shades in a white metal frame.

Blue sapphire bracelets fit all women, but the blue-eyed blondes with this jewellery on a wrist are simply dazzling. We recommend choosing sapphires for a special occasion. Blue stones are better combined with different shades of grey, with white, blue colours, and in a gold frame, they look harmoniously with different shades of brown.

A Flirty Emerald Bracelet Will Cheer You Up

Emeralds look good in a frame of white and yellow metals, so they are sent to gold in different colours, platinum. Jewellery with emeralds is more suitable for special occasions, especially gold with large stones. Elegant emerald bracelets of thin weaving with small gems will be appropriate in everyday looks.

Putting a bracelet with an emerald on your hand, discard a bright manicure so that your nails do not distract attention from the stones. Other jewellery should not be discordant either. It is better to wear not more than two jewellery at the same time, avoid combining bright stones of different colours in the same image.

Emeralds are suitable for blondes, brunettes, redheads, brown-haired women, especially green-eyed ones. Best of all, an emerald bracelet will look on tanned skin.