Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings


Elegant black diamonds rings are the epitome of mystery. Such jewellery even of a small size will always be a striking addition to your style.


We are all used to transparent diamonds because most diamonds in nature are just that. However, in recent years, coloured diamond jewellery has grown in popularity, and a black diamond ring is no exception. Coloured diamonds are obtained only in the rare case if metal atoms penetrate the diamond crystal lattice, which gives them one colour or another.

More recently, diamonds from which black diamonds can be produced were considered exclusively technical raw materials, and the cost of this raw material was low. According to experts, the unique colour of black diamonds is explained by the penetration of graphite or haematite inclusions into the diamond.

The structure, shape and properties of black diamonds practically do not differ from perfectly pure diamonds. But unlike transparent and colourless diamonds, a black diamond transmits a little light, in some cases it does not pass at all. Due to the numerous inclusions of black, the black diamond reflects the light with edges.

According to famous jewellers, cutting a black diamond takes a lot of time and effort. To turn a black diamond into a shining diamond, this stone needs special treatment. It should be borne in mind that not all raw materials are suitable for cutting, but only those crystals in which the black colour is evenly distributed throughout the volume.

Ring customizable with Black Diamond

Black Diamond Engagement Rings – Simplicity And Chic In One Jewellery

The luxurious look of your sweetheart will perfectly complement the black diamond engagement ring. This gem is best combined with white gold and platinum. Black diamond rings can be created in the style of minimalism, which undoubtedly looks very elegant and restrained.

Combining black and white diamonds in classic or extravagant rings is also a good option for courageous and decisive women.

A black diamond engagement ring will look equally good with different looks:

  • Luxurious evening outfit
  • Flirty cocktail dress
  • Strict classic suit

On our website, you can create a unique design for a black diamond ring to give your beloved woman the jewellery she has always dreamed about.

Black Diamond Rings for Men

Such jewellery is suitable for a gift to a man. Indeed, in combination with the black classic tuxedo colour, a black diamond ring will perfectly emphasise the elegance of the style and the perfection of its owner.

Choosing jewellery for a man is quite difficult. You need to know exactly his preferences, as well as the prevailing clothing style. The black diamond ring is in perfect harmony with any masculine look, this jewellery is always reserved and conservative.