Amethyst Rings & Earring

Amethyst Rings


Unique accessory created thanks to the skill and experience of jewellers is an amethyst ring. Tempting shimmering crystals framed by bizarre curls of gold will conquer the female heart forever and attract the eyes of others. Amethyst ring is ideal for a marriage proposal.


The delicate lilac colour of the semiprecious stone is strikingly deep and attractive, its shades smoothly replace each other at a certain angle of light, advantageously shimmer on the hand of its owner. The violet palette is found most often, but you can also choose an amethyst ring with a light green tint. A translucent tone makes the decoration fresh and light. Amethyst ring reveals the charm and beauty of any woman.

The mineral has long been used for various purposes – not just jewellery. It was used for the manufacture of household items:

  • Cups
  • Vases
  • Figurines
  • Candle-holders

The priests loved amethyst very much. Jewellers have always appreciated the original shades of the crystal, which can not be found.

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Engagement Ring customizable with Amethyst

The Gold Amethyst Engagement Ring Will Help Keep Your Love

An original and effective amethyst engagement ring will give the female image a unique charm and a touch of sophistication. The noble stone is famous for its incredible shades – from soft purple to deep purple. A rich palette of colours allows craftsmen to create real works of jewellery. Amethyst engagement rings look equally beautiful in the gentle glow of platinum, the aristocratic shimmer of white gold and the luxury of yellow or pink precious metal.

A laconic decoration perfectly complements the office style and casual attire, while the refined design of the accessory creates a harmonious tandem with an evening dress. A wide range of amethyst rings amazes with a variety of styles and shades.

Elegant and graceful, massive and exclusive – each model can become the final touch of the image and create a unique style. Amethyst ring is an excellent gift for women of all ages. The scattering of small stones is in no way inferior in beauty to a large crystal playing a solo part in an accessory.

The Symbolic Meaning of Amethyst Rings

Amethyst has always been considered a symbol of love and fidelity, as well as spiritual harmony. Its shades really cause a sense of peace. Light translucent tones give the amethyst ring tenderness and lightness, emphasising the sophisticated taste of a woman.

Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Pisces are signs of the zodiac, with which amethyst can become a strong amulet and talisman. Astromineralogy claims that if representatives of these zodiac signs wear an amethyst ring, they will be successful and prosperous in all areas.