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You are welcome to the cradle of Bespoke Jewellery in London!

“As a designer and craftsman of bespoke timeless jewellery, it is my sole responsibility to interpret a client’s thoughts while taking him or her along a magical course of journey exploring the options of design and gemstones. This is how we at the Bespoke Forever collaborate with our customers to create a fascinating piece of jewellery which in turn redefines class and taste of whoever it is concerned.”

Life Time warranty

For Bespoke Jewellery Designs

When you Design and Buy Bespoke jewellery from us we give a lifetime guarantee for Polishing and Cleaning your Bespoke Jewellery. We believe in the quality of our jewellery we manufacture and we stand by everything we manufacture. We pay special attention to details in everything we make.

All our products are inspected and checked before delivering it to our customers to make sure the item is in immaculate condition.  In any case even if there is a manufacturing problem, we offer a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee, where we assure you that we will repair your jewellery for a for free.

We are a completely family-run jewellery house located at Hatton Garden in London. The baton of our business has only changed hands over generations although the motto and dedication has remained unchanged. We have curved out a unique identity for ourselves in creating mesmerising and bespoke engagement rings across London. Our chic and stylish products are thoroughly crafted by hands. You are assured to find the most fitting engagement ring with us both for you and your ‘significant other’ that reveals your delicate taste as well as refined style. Thanks to our business links to some of the major diamond suppliers in the world, Bespoke Forever can offer you high end jewellery products at competitive prices.

Ring Customisation

At Bespoke Forever, you can customised many of our hand-crafted wedding rings and engagement rings with color gemstones, color diamonds and/or alternative metal options to create a ring that is perfect for your unique personality. If you wish, we can create and design a one-of-a-kind ring to your specifications, using state-of-the-art technology that brings your vision to life.


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Customise your jewellery with us

As a house of unique jewellery in London, we at Bespoke Forever allow customers to customise their own jewellery. We appreciate when they bring their creative ideas and innovation to the table. We just infuse a little inspiration to trigger a process that brings new life and fresh charm to a family heirloom. And this makes us one of the most assured destinations for jewellery remodelling in London.

Bespoke jewellery designing to redefine class

As one of the bespoke jewellers in London, Bespoke Forever offers customers with a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and computer-aided design or CAD. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we unfailingly provide a set of six unique designs for every order to handle. Along with that we also offer our expertise and advice on the designs to help our customers choose the top-grade diamonds and colourful gemstones.

Bespoke jewellery designing to redefine class

At Bespoke Forever, we believe in unparalleled customer service. We pay attention to every intricate detail in our work to leave nothing to chances. Thus customers expect nothing but unique jewellery in London from us and we are assured not to let them down. We are different from many of our competitors because we are a traditional family jewellery house having modern edge. Our robust and dedicated team at the Bespoke Forever will keep working with you till the moment your design gets enlivened. Our in-store team of designers is technically sound in CAD imagery and also possesses impressive level of creativity and innovation to create the precise fine jewellery items that perfectly match with your requirements.

We understand that every jewellery order or requirement is unique. We invest our passion, efficiency and honest advice together to ensure a greater value of money for our customers. At Bespoke Forever, we also deal in an exquisite range of finished pieces that you can take home any time. The impressive range of GIA certified bespoke diamond rings and jewellery at our London store has a steady demand among customers. Moreover, we are also your assured destination for authentic gemstones.

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Please feel free to ask our team for help

Our friendly and knowledge team of experts is ever ready to help you making the right decisions on buying, choosing and designing unique jewellery in London. Considering your hectic schedule our ‘brick and mortar’ stays open 7 days a week. At the Bespoke Forever you can be assured to get only the finest variety stones at our boutique jewellery storefront located at the centre of Hatton Garden. Our in-store team is dedicated to make your jewellery buying experience strikingly pleasant.

Bespoke Engagement rings in our London Store

At Bespoke Forever you are assured to get a wide and alluring range of bespoke engagement rings in London. In fact, we will be involving you thoroughly in crafting your chosen object with your chosen designs, diamonds and other precious and colourful gemstones.


Remodelling jewellery

As a trusted destination for jewellery remodelling in London we are always on your side to help breathe new life into an old jewellery item with our extensive jewellery remodelling service.

Propose with one of our wax rings

Bespoke Forever allows you design your chosen ring starting from selecting your preferred stones and other relevant design elements.


Customised and appealing wedding rings

The world just admires your choice when you choose one of the custom wedding rings in London that are available in our storefront at Hatton Garden.

Customised eternity rings

Bespoke Forever is also home to a fascinating range of customised eternity rings to celebrate milestone events of life in a grand and tasteful way.


Thoroughly customised jewellery range

We are your most assured bet to create thoroughly customised wedding jewellery including the engagement rings, designer cuff links, statement dress rings and others.


Our bespoke jewellery design procedure

At Bespoke Forever we believe in traditional craftsmanship. But we have also blended the latest digital technology in form of computer-aided design software and 3D printing to redefine the horizons of designing the best jewellery in London.


To start with

We start designing your jewellery with a customary consultation. This interactive session helps us to know your tastes, style and preferences based on which we move on the procedure to design your signature jewellery items. Once your ideas are completely transformed into a series of six completely different designs, we take out the hardcopies on a 3D printer. You take the final call there and ultimately your prized products are ready.

It is relevant mentioning in this context that this procedure of bespoke jewellery designing in London proves cost-effective which in turn makes our products a little more affordable.

Customised design

The fascinating range of our bespoke jewellery in London is carefully customised motivated by your story. Unlike other jewellery makers we do not limit ourselves to fusing great designs with the fines gemstones and diamonds. Rather we also emphasise upon flawless gold-smoothing to provide a state-of-the-art finishing to every product.

Why choose us as bespoke jewellers in London

Competitive pricing – Quality jewellery in London is available at a globally renowned district called the Hatton Garden. This area – often termed as The Garden – is home to hundreds of successful jewellery businesses. The problem is to choose the right business house from such an incredible number of options.

The Bespoke Forever – our family-run jewellery shop is also located right here. And we offer a competitive pricing on our every product. We are an independently owned business running across generations. We can afford to omit many advertising strategies and brand premiums. These factors allow us offer authentic gemstones and high class jewellery products at a much affordable price than in any high street storefront.

High clarity diamond – the clarity of diamond is the crucial factor specially while choosing

bespoke engagement rings. It is one of the four C’s that you ought to be looking for while investing on the dazzling crystal. At Bespoke Forever we deal in diamonds that have high clarity to provide greater value of money to our customers.

Focus on items that last long – jewellery has to be durable or it does lack class. While shopping in Hatton Garden do not look for silver jewelleries or other similar varieties that are not durable. Those items wear off easily. Durable jewellery items reflect your strong dedication and commitment for that special person more than anything else. This is why we recommend platinum merchandises that are in abundant at our unique jewellery store in London.

Jewellery cuts and shapes do vary – every diamond jewellery item at Bespoke Forever comes in distinct cuts and well-defined shapes. Remember that cuts and shapes are crucial to consider while assessing the quality of any diamond. While assessing the standard of a cut you are actually judging how competently the item has been shaped and crafted. The better the job is done the higher is the price of the dazzling crystal. As bespoke jewellers both online and offline we offer customers more for less.

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