round diamond rings

round diamond rings


Gem cutting is an extremely time-consuming process. Correct faceting can provide the stone with the most complete manifestation of features, create a play of light, in which shine and a colour palette will be demonstrated. The most popular are round diamond engagement rings. Every bride deserves such a lovely gift to make her feel special.


Diamond is a symbol of youth and beauty. Each gemstone is unique. The most popular over the years are round diamond engagement rings. To give the gem maximum shine, jewellers from all over the world carefully developed stone processing techniques, choosing optimal cut proportions, and have achieved the best results.

In our online store, you can choose a round diamond engagement ring for your beloved woman of any type of the following:

  • Solitaire Ring
  • Three Stone Ring
  • Halo Ring
  • Side Stone Engagement Ring

Each of these jewellery is elegant and sophisticated in its own way.

Create a unique round diamond engagement ring design using 3D customise on our website. If you do not yet know what design you want, our consultants will be happy to help you with this.

round diamond rings

What Makes Round Diamond Engagement Rings So Special

If you will look closely at the round diamond engagement ring, you will notice how the rays of light freely pass through the edges of the gem and are refracted inside it. The shape of the gemstone cut, which is considered a world standard, is a round clean diamond with 57 facets. The stone reflects almost all the light that passes through the facets, showing excellent optical properties.

How To Choose The Perfect Round Diamond Engagement Ring To Pleasantly Surprise Your Girlfriend

Jewellery collections offer future newlyweds many design options for stylish engagement rings. Jewellery from absolutely different colours of gold is now in trend: white, yellow, pink. And although the central stone shape may be different, most women prefer round diamond engagement rings.

To make your gift stand out from other jewellery, choose a ring with several stones or inlaid gemstones on both sides. The central stone of the ring may be a round diamond, and other gems can be represented by emeralds, sapphires or rubies. It all depends on your girlfriend preferences and other jewellery she wears in everyday life.

Finally, the engagement ring is more personalised than other jewellery, so you should pay special attention to its design. If you want the round diamond engagement ring to become a talisman for your beloved lady,  you can get help and advice from one of our specialists in choosing a product design.

We wish you a pleasant shopping and congratulate you on the most important step in your life!