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princess cut engagement ring


Impeccable engagement classics are round-cut diamonds framed with gold or platinum. However, the decoration does not have to be classic – the shape of the product, the number of stones and their cutting can be changed. Choose a princess diamond engagement ring instead of the classic option


Fashion offers lovers to move away from the familiar classics and take a closer look at rings with stones of a non-standard shape, models with unusual details. These characteristics are possessed, for example, by a princess diamond engagement rings.

The diamond that adorns such a ring is angular in shape and may appear square or rectangle when viewed from above, when viewed from the side it looks more like a pyramid. The princess cut occupies the second place in popularity after the classic round. It is often chosen for engagement rings because of its beautiful shape and amazing radiance.

This option is universal, which makes such a cut suitable for almost any style of engagement ring.  A stunning halo princess diamond engagement ring is a combination of beauty, simplicity and elegance. All attention in this piece of jewellery is riveted to the central stone, surrounded by a radiant halo.

Ring Customizable into princess cut engagement ring

Why Princess Diamond Engagement Rings Are So Attractive

In the modern jewellery industry, there are many combinations of colours and various styles for princess diamond engagement rings. However, stones with such a facet are also used in other jewellery.

The princess cut engagement ring in its modern form appeared as a result of numerous thoughts, studies and attempts to answer the question: “What does a modern woman want?”

So square diamonds appeared with faces located by analogy with classic round-cut stones, which allows achieving a similar “play in the rays of light” effect close to that of a round diamond. The most popular variations of the princess cut are 57 or 65 facets, but there are diamonds with larger and smaller faces.

The shape is not the only significant difference between round and rectangular diamonds. The Princess cut uses up to 80% of the rough diamond. For comparison, classical round-cut diamonds include only 40-50% of the original stone, that is, about half of its weight is lost during cutting, which affects the final price of the diamond.

Proceeding from this, the Princess cut diamonds are also loved by many thanks to their lower price compared to round diamonds.

The Fashionable Princess Diamond Engagement Ring Design is Your Undeniable Success

Do you want to make an extraordinary gift to your beloved? Princess diamond engagement ring with a custom design is what you need. Just a little imagination and a few mouse clicks separate you from buying a piece of exquisite and unique jewellery.