pear shaped engagement rings & Earrings

pear shaped engagement rings


Also known as the “drop” or “tear,” the pear cut diamond is a hybrid of several styles. Combining the features of the oval shape and the Marquise cut, the unique shape of pear diamond engagement ring is an ideal choice for brides who play by their own rules and believe that two are better than one.


Another option for a unique and extraordinary design is a pear diamond engagement ring. The pear-shaped diamond is sometimes also called the “drop” or “tear” and is a hybrid of oval and Marquise diamond cut. Very rare stone for engagement rings. A piece of jewellery in such a sophisticated and at the same time bold style visually lengthens the fingers and will appeal to a strong-willed and independent girl who relies solely on her taste.

Ring Customizable as pear shaped engagement ring

A Variety Of Shapes Will Make Your  Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Look Chic

Thanks to the unusual shape of the gem with a semicircle on the one side and a sharp peak on the other, the pear diamond engagement ring manages to create a unique design for this jewellery. The most popular ratio for this cut is 1.50 – 1.70. A stone usually consists of 58 faces, although the number of faces in a pavilion can vary from 4 to 8.

The shape of the pear cut is sometimes characterised by a “French tip” – this is a special variation of the cut, in which several small faces replace one large face in a sharp tip. “French tip” is also used in Marquises cut. The pear shape may vary slightly in appearance, and some have what is called “high shoulders” which makes the stone more angular.

Also, the pear cut may differ in the “bow-tie effect” that occurs when light passing through a diamond casts a shadow on the central edges of the stone. This effect can be minimised by changing the depth of the pavilion and adjusting the angles of the table and edges for better diffusion of light in the centre. This effect also occurs in Marquise and heart shapes.

Emphasise Your Taste By Choosing A Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you in a relationship for a long time, so as you can’t imagine your future separately from your beloved? Then probably it’s time to move to a new stage and make your partner happy. If you are going to propose to your girlfriend, try to make the ring remind you both of this happy day. This can be achieved with a unique design of the ring and materials used for its manufacture. Pear diamond engagement ring is not just a beautiful piece of jewellery, but also a serious application for happy family life.