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oval cut engagement rings


The oval diamond engagement ring stone is a cross between a round diamond and a pear shape. This elongated and symmetrical shape visually increases the weight of the stone. Oval cut also visually lengthens fingers, which is why it is popular as a central stone for engagement rings.


Until recently, almost all jewellery stores offered a classic solitaire as an engagement ring. However, the commitment of new generations to fashion trends will open up alternative directions in wedding jewellery. Thus fashion accessories are born. One of such is an oval diamond engagement ring.

An oval cut diamond can have as many faces as a round cut stone, which means it can sparkle just as well. This is an elegant and sophisticated stone, perfect for brides who dream of an unusual, exclusive ring.

In our online store you can choose one of the unique ring designs for your beloved one, using the following options:

  • the metal choice for jewellery
  • engagement ring style
  • a variety of gems framing the central one

A good example is an oval diamond engagement ring surrounded by precious stones on the sides.

Does The Size Of A Gemstone In Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Matter

Such jewellery is very popular nowadays. The elongated shape of the gem in an oval diamond engagement ring emphasises the length and grace of a woman’s finger. To choose an oval diamond that suits you, pay attention to the length of the stone. For a classic oval cut, an aspect ratio of 1.33 – 1.66 is ideal. If desired, you can choose a longer stone.

Ring Customizable into oval cut engagement ring

What Stones Can Complement an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

The simplest option is a white gold oval diamond engagement ring. However, you can not only choose an unusual shape for it, but also the number of side stones and their cut.

To make it easier for you to choose a perfect combination, you can familiarise yourself with a brief description of each stone:

  1. Diamond. The best option for engagement rings, combined with any precious metals and stones, looks best in white gold and platinum. Symbolises sincere love.
  2. Sapphire. It is a classic version. Gem looks beautiful framed by platinum, white and yellow gold. It symbolises wisdom and loyalty, contributes to long family life.
  3. The beauty of this mineral is best emphasised by a frame of white or yellow gold. The stone promotes emotional balance, helps to find compromises.
  4. Ruby. A luxurious gem which beauty is best emphasised by yellow or rose gold. Ruby symbolises passionate love.
  5. Topaz. Looks great in platinum and white gold. Helps to promote health, gain self-confidence, attracts good luck.

All the rings offered in our store are perfectly smooth, shiny and polished, which indicates the high quality of the product.