Morganite Ring & Earring

Morganite Earring


Morganite is a rare stone, which is one of the varieties of beryl mixed with manganese. A characteristic feature of the stone in morganite earrings is its delicate, unlike anything colour, which can vary from pastel-peach to floral pink and saturated violet-red hues. Morganite also has the ability to change hue depending on the view angle.

Morganite is a caring stone healer. According to the prevailing opinion about what wonderful properties, it has a positive effect on the human body, namely:

  • Heals many female diseases
  • Helps with problems with the spine and joints
  • Improves brain function
  • Stabilises the emotional state

Morganite earrings are also recommended to be worn by single people who have not yet found their other half. This stone is able to attract love and relationships, making it easier for you to find the one and only. It is believed that the jewellery in morganite will help to resolve difficult situations in the family and return a healthy atmosphere to the house. Further, the more the insert stone in your morganite earrings, the stronger and more noticeable will be its positive effect on you and your life.

Earring Customizable into Morganite Earring


Jewellery with morganite is always fresh and has bright colours and harmonious combination of gems and precious metals that together will make you stylish and confident. Due to its unusual colour, the stone is often used in morganite earrings. The gem lends itself well to processing, so you can meet it with different types of cut:

  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • A heart
  • Cushion

Morganite looks especially beautiful in a warm frame of rose gold. Gold morganite earrings will always give their owner a more refined look, and immeasurable beauty to the image. This is the perfect match for a sophisticated evening outfit, such as a sparkling dress or trouser suit.


You can buy jewellery with a “stone of happiness” in our online store. Morganite earrings are presented in different versions, among which there are definitely your favourite ones. Each piece of jewellery is made in our company with love and care for customers.

Morganite earrings combine beauty, simplicity, good taste and love of life. Light pink, cold gems often set in white gold, this combination of metal and stone colour is very advantageous.