heart shaped engagement ring & Earring

heart shaped engagement ring


The heart diamond cut is the most romantic form of gem cutting. In its structure, it resembles a pear cut. These two types of cut are also performed almost identically. When buying a heart diamond engagement ring, you need to pay special attention to the contour of the diamond. Symmetry and clarity both, in this case, are very important indicators.


Very unusual cut, which makes the heart beat faster. Heart diamond engagement rings will appeal to sentimental girls, romantic natures who believe in miracles. The exact origin of the heart-shaped diamond is not known, although, as a modified instance, it could appear in the 16th century. Some gemstones, which today are classified as “triangular with rounded corners” were described as heart-shaped in the 17th century.

Thanks to its unusual shape, the heart diamond engagement ring has become a very popular Valentine’s Day gift and other important dates marking significant events in a love relationship.

A heart-shaped diamond cut looks like a pear cut. The heart shape is most popular not only for rings; jewellers use it in some other products:

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Sets

The heart diamond cut is rather complicated but it demonstrates the gem beauty in the best way.

Ring customizable into heart shaped engagement ring

Wearing A Heart Diamond Engagement Ring Is A Great Joy

The heart shape in the standard cut consists of 56–58 faces, although the number of the main faces of the pavilion can vary from 6 to 8. The gemstone shape in the heart diamond engagement ring may differ slightly in its appearance.

Typically, a heart cut has a ratio between 0.85 and 1.20. The gem should have absolutely symmetrical semicircles of the upper arches of the same height and width. These specifications are subject to change based on your personal preference.

When determining the ratio of length to width of the heart, the width is measured at the widest edge point of one semicircle to another. The “bow-tie effect” is also often found in stones with this type of cut.

A Gift in the Form of a Heart Diamond Engagement Ring Will Especially Please Your Beloved Woman

The most romantic heart diamond engagement ring gift is able to strengthen your relationship for many years to come. Choosing a heart cut diamond jewellery indicates that you carefully choose gifts for your sweetheart and put deep meaning into each of them.

If this seems not enough, create your own unique heart diamond engagement ring design. You can also pick up additional jewellery for your beloved woman that will be in harmony with the engagement ring.

Jewellers working in our company will carefully listen to every request so as not to miss a single detail when creating an exclusive design for your ring. And if you have any questions, you can contact our consultants who will provide all the necessary information on the products of our online store.