Emerald Earring

Emerald Earring


Jewellery with this delightful stone is incredibly successful. Its beauty is hard to go unnoticed – the enthusiastic looks of the magnificent emerald earrings owner are guaranteed. The green colour of this stone conveys the most beautiful deep shades of spring greenery.

Gold emerald earrings are made in various styles. This precious metal easily turns into different shapes and contours:

  • Charming flower buds
  • Amazing abstract patterns
  • Laconic shapes of geometric shapes

The rarity of emeralds in nature has become an occasion to create legends about this mineral. People believed that it does not appear in the earth, like other stones, but falls from heaven accompanied by angels and is endowed with the power to protect its owner.

Emeralds of different colours are found: from a dense dark green to a delicate grassy hue, which depends on the proportions of vanadium and chromium in the composition of the mineral. It is believed that such a mineral brings wisdom, health and good luck in business. And passing by inheritance from mother to daughter increases its strength and magical properties.

Earring customizable into Emerald earring


Initially, emeralds were enclosed in a silver frame. But silver tends to tarnish, and jewellers resorted to using white and then yellow gold and platinum. The yellow gold frame in emerald earrings harmoniously looks on mature ladies, and the white metal creates a feeling of lightness and adorns young girls.

Gold earrings with emerald inserts, even the smallest and laconic, fascinate with a play of light in stone and are able to most advantageously emphasize the dignity of their owner:

  1. For light-skinned blondes are suitable the light green grassy gems in a gold frame
  2. Brunettes and swarthy ones are better to buy gold earrings with emeralds of densely saturated colour
  3. Bright green stones, playing in different shades, are suitable for brown-haired and red-haired girls with bright eyes

Our catalogue of models allows each woman to find emerald earrings to suit their lifestyle, style, and estimated budget. A product with emerald is the pride of any lady. Over the years, the stone does not fade, the sun or artificial light can not destroy its beauty.


In our collection, you can find emerald earrings that will interest you: strict and restrained studs, exquisite dangle models and extravagant hoops in combination with diamonds. In our catalogue, everyone will find their own form of jewellery.

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