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emerald cut engagement ring


The emerald cut has a large rectangular pavilion with slightly bevelled edges. This form creates a beautiful optical effect and a unique appearance for your emerald diamond engagement ring. Due to the larger area, in this type of cut diamond purity comes first among the characteristics.


The emerald cut makes the diamond visually larger. Characterised by a rectangular stepped cut, an open surface and cut corners, centre gems of emerald diamond engagement rings often favour the mood in the Art Deco style. Although its brilliance with the effect of a mirror hall is not so spectacular and strong, the elongated shape and angular lines give clarity to the diamond and catch the light quite sharply and elegantly. A similar type of this cut is the Asscher cut, which has the same design, but with more faces. It is also often used for those gems that are located on the sides, and not in the centre of the product. An excellent example is a dazzling white gold ring adorned with a scattering of emerald-cut stones.

Ring customizable into emerald cut engagement ring

For Many Years, Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings Remain Favourite Accessories Of The Newlyweds

One of the first cuts used in jewellery, the emerald cut, has a wide and flat rectangular shape with truncated corners, which when viewed from above resembles stairs. This style is called a stepped cut. A centre gem of an emerald diamond engagement ring usually consists of 57 faces: 25 of them are on the crown and 32 on the pavilion. The number of faces on the crown and pavilion can vary, changing the total number of faces of this cut.

Despite the fact that this cut has less brilliance than perfect ones, a wide and flat shape emphasises the purity of the diamond and its natural beauty. In addition, the flat edges of the edges allow the presence of many side gems, such as long thin rectangular diamonds, often used to decorate this cut.

Typically, an emerald cut has a length to width ratio of 1.30 to 1.50, with 1.40 being considered the most popular. If you prefer a more square shape, you can choose a smaller ratio, and vice versa.

Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring: Uniqueness Is Always In Trend

If you like everything unusual, you can create an exclusive emerald diamond engagement ring. If desired, it can be engraved as well. You can order jewellery from our website, contact our specialists for help, and also create a design for the future engagement ring using a convenient and simple 3D customise. Today there are a huge number of styles and types of jewellery, but the emerald diamond cut is not subject to either time impact or changes in fashion trends.