cushion cut engagement rings & Earrings

cushion cut engagement rings


Many celebrities opt for vibrant coloured stones, but among them, there are even more who prefer massive cushion cut diamonds. You can take an example from them, but at the same time choose a model of cushion diamond engagement ring that best reflects your personality.


This type of cut is often compared with a pillow, due to its square shape with rounded corners, which, combined with classic larger faces, enhance the brilliance of your cushion diamond engagement ring. In terms of brilliance and play of light, cushion cut diamonds are very close to the classic round cut stones – the standard in this criterion.

This is one of the most popular forms of engagement ring gemstones cut, it is a traditional diamond shape and can also decorate other jewellery:

  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • necklaces

As a rule the cushion cut is comprised of 58 facets with a ratio of 1.00 to 1.05 for square shapes and 1.10 or greater for rectangular ones.

Rings customizable into cushion cut engagement rings

A Bit Of History About Gemstones Processing For Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

Despite the fact that this form of cutting always looks fresh and elegant, the history of the origin of beautiful diamonds used in cushion diamond engagement rings goes back to the beginning of the 18th century. Before becoming a cushion that lovers of diamonds like these days, a square cut with rounded corners was called the “old mine cut”, and it got such a name for a reason.

The first diamonds of the old mine facet appeared in the early 1700s, this form remained the most popular until the end of the 19th century. They owe their name to the Brazilian diamond mines, on which diamonds were cut in such a way. After finding diamond mines in South Africa, the Brazilian mines began to be called “old” – hence the name of the cut.

Diamond cutting has always been a long and not an easy process, especially several centuries ago because jewellers of that time were limited in technologies and tools. The main goal was to save as much weight of the stone as possible during the cutting process, and the “old mine” cut was better suited for this than others.

Modern cushion cut diamonds have a square or rectangular shape with curved sides and rounded corners for reasons of beauty and aesthetics.

Create a Unique Design For Your Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

If you like cushion diamond engagement rings, you can order one of them in our online store. With us, you can choose not only a beautiful design for your jewellery but also add different gems to it.

A beautiful engagement ring is not only classic elegant jewellery with white diamonds. The cushion cut, combined with bright coloured or paler gemstones, makes the engagement ring a welcome accessory that your bride will not want to remove.