Citrine Rings & Earring

Citrine Earring


Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone, like a ray of sunshine. Jewellery with it will give the image a charming lightness and grace. If you prefer a bright style, a honeyed stone in a gold frame will emphasize your bold mood. Choose a more relaxed format? The sparkling mineral will brighten your subtle shade business suit or dress, becoming a bright accent on the background of other things. Citrine earrings are a surprisingly bright and beautiful piece of jewellery. Want to surprise and delight, sparkle and fill the world with positive? Then you should definitely appreciate this cute, elegant and inexpensive accessory.

Earring customizable into Citrine Earring


If you are looking for gift jewellery, pay special attention to white gold products – many women will like the combination of cold metal and a bright gem. Citrine earrings framed in yellow or rose gold are favourite jewellery among older women.

The stone has a sparkling yellow colour in different shades:

  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Golden
  • Amber
  • Caramel

Citrine is actively used not only in the manufacture of earrings but also in various other jewellery. Some believe that in addition to excellent external data, citrine has a certain magical power.

This stone helps its owner to easily find a common language with others, as well as correctly and logically express her thoughts. No wonder the speakers of Ancient Rome carried citrine crystals with them – this helped to memorize a large amount of information and correctly convey it to people.


The models of citrine earrings are diverse: earrings with large citrines, studs, magnificent dangles. White gold jewellery is universal. It will become a great accessory for brunettes, blondes and girls with red hair. In addition, white gold looks great on both swarthy and very white skin.

Citrine earrings are suitable for representatives of different age categories. White gold is an excellent choice, such a decoration will become appropriate for various events:

  • Holiday
  • Corporate
  • Business meeting
  • Ordinary walk

Women who prefer platinum will like citrine earrings in this precious metal. Such an exquisite accessory will be an excellent gift and will delight its owner for many years.

If you want to get a consultation, our managers will gladly help you not only choose citrine earrings, but also a wonderful set of other jewellery for them.