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Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

STUD EARRINGS Stud earrings are the favourite jewellery of brave, charismatic ladies, proud of their own unique image, as well as modest and elegant women. Accurate accessories with bright inserts are acquired by lovers of experiments that relate to hairstyles. Also, this miniature jewellery in the ears often attracts attention better than any makeup. STUD …

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Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings

GEMSTONE EARRINGS ARE AN EXCLUSIVE COMPLEMENT TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL LOOK Precious stones give any product an original style. Prices for gemstone earrings vary widely and there are two main reasons: the gems themselves and the type of metal. If we consider diamonds, then the following factors affect the cost: Diamond weight Type of stone (natural or synthetic) …

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Round Diamond Earrings

Round Diamond Earrings

ROUND DIAMOND EARRINGS – IF YOU PREFER A CLASSIC STYLE No woman will refuse to receive jewellery as a gift, especially if it is round diamond earrings in gold or platinum. A faceted diamond is beautiful in itself, and a skilled jeweller is able to turn this stone into a real masterpiece. In our online store you …

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princess cut engagement ring & Earrings

Princess Cut Earrings

PRINCESS Cut EARRINGS – THE SHAPE MEANS A LOT If you are a supporter of straight lines and sharp corners, you will surely like princess diamond earrings. This jewellery is beautiful and elegant, and also corresponds to the latest fashion trends. Using their many years of experience, our jewellers make every effort to show the beauty …

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pear shaped engagement rings & Earrings

Pear Shaped Earrings

YOUR WOMAN WILL DEFINITELY APPRECIATE PEAR DIAMOND EARRINGS Accessories with diamonds are a wonderful gift. Especially if this gift is made with love. But what to do when you want to present unusual jewellery that your sweetheart will definitely remember? In such a situation, pear diamond earrings are a great choice. The modern pear cut with 56 …

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oval cut engagement rings& Earrings

Oval Diamond Earrings

OVAL DIAMOND EARRINGS IS A CLASSIC COMPLEMENTED BY THE CHARM Oval cut diamond is one of the youngest in the jewellery world. Its elegant, restrained form is in perfect harmony with other precious stones and metals. If you liked the oval diamond earrings from the catalogue on our website, then you have a great taste. This jewellery …

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marquise cut engagement rings & earrings

Marquise earrings

ARISTOCRATIC MARQUISE DIAMOND EARRINGS WILL MAKE YOU IRRESISTIBLE Fifty-five angles of light rays refraction – exactly so many facets have a classic gem in marquise diamond earrings. This truly original form over the centuries has invariably attracted admiring glances. Most often, the marquise cut diamond is encrusted into rings: a solitaire ring of this shape adorns …

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heart shaped engagement ring & Earring

Heart Shape Earrings

HEART DIAMOND EARRINGS ARE UNIVERSAL JEWELLERY AT ALL TIMES Today, there are no strict restrictions on earrings with precious stones, and such jewellery can easily wear adult women and young ladies. The most romantic cut shape, thanks to which the gemstone radiates incredible brilliance, is presented in the heart diamond earrings. It is no secret that …

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emerald cut engagement ring & earrings

Emerald Cut Earrings

EMERALD cut EARRINGS: SIMPLICITY IS A SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Although the emerald cut is inferior in popularity to the round and the princess, only emerald diamond earrings give completely unique flashes of light. Such jewellery is quite rare since stones cut in this way are most often used for encrusting in rings. If you are determined …

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