asscher cut engagement rings & Earring

asscher cut engagement rings


The gem cut in Asscher diamond engagement ring is very similar to emerald, it has the shape of a square with bevelled corners. The facets of this cut are also rectangular, and the large pavilion gives the stone an extraordinary radiance. Such an exquisite jewellery will always be in the spotlight.


This ring is a stunning and magnificent gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated even by the most demanding woman. Featuring a classic design that never goes out of style, Asscher diamond engagement ring fits any outfit. A perfect cut diamond that will never be overlooked, emphasises the refined taste of its owner. Just imagine how great the Asscher diamond engagement ring will look on the beautiful, delicate hand of your beloved girl.

Asscher Diamond Engagement Rings: A Structure Like A Thousand Mirrors

The unique shape with a prismatic sheen and a rectangular faceted structure Asscher diamond engagement rings made in the same style as the emerald cut. Named after a jeweller who patented this design in 1902, the Asscher cut has an octagon form. However, when a stone is inserted into a four-prong ring mount, it looks more like a square. The standard Asscher cut consists of 58 main faces, the most popular ratio of square-shaped stone cross-sections is in the range from 1.00 to 1.05.

Asscher is a more complex variation of emerald cut and is characterised by a large number of stairs. Despite the highest complexity of cutting, this method has been known for more than a hundred years, and its peak occurred in the thirties of the last century. Both types are used in the manufacture of different pieces of jewellery:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Pendants

The cut corners width can vary. Due to its deep landing, faceted structure, elevation from the front side and a small platform from above, Asscher cut gives the product an incredible shine and creates an exciting optical illusion, known as the “Hall of Mirrors” effect.

The Royal Asscher cut, which has wide angles and consists of 74 faces instead of the usual 58, has a special charm.

Ring customizable into asscher cut engagement ring

What To Choose: Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring Or Classic Cut

Since diamonds are not only of a classic round shape, you may determine for yourself: a classic or something more original. Asscher diamond engagement ring is considered more original. Of course, you can choose a design with a central Asscher diamond, and round cut gems on the sides. A perfect alternative would be Asscher diamond engagement ring inlaid with small sapphires.

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